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THATCamp New York is just the beginning. In the interest of capturing the THATCamp NY sessions for future reference and ongoing work, as well as for the benefit of those not attending THATCamp, please help us DOCUMENT the conference!! We will aggregate, post and point to any and all documentation on this page.

That is: take notes, pictures and videos, and tweet, blog and otherwise share your opinions and experiences! If you have other ideas for what we will want to capture, speak up!

A few guidelines and requests for note-taking:

  • At the start of a session, call for a primary note-taker for the session.
  • Include the following in your notes
    • Session subject/topic
    • Number of campers attending and, if possible, names (and/or ask people to add their names to the Google Doc)
  • Photograph or documentary whiteboard or flipchart notes
  • Track useful, relevant URLs that emerge
  • Add your notes to a Google Doc, make it public and share it with moc.l1529733524iamg@1529733524YNpma1529733524CTAHT1529733524
  • Anyone else who is taking notes consider sending them to the primary note taker and/or add to the Google Doc.
  • Primary Note-taker Person: At the end of the session, please write a brief summary of the session (a few sentences) and add that to the Google doc.

After THATCamp

THATCamp keeps an archive of #thatcamp tweets.

Please fill out this THATCamp evaluation survey to let us know what you thought and give us your suggestions. The survey is brief, with only eight questions, only two of which are required: which THATCamp you attended and your overall rating. THANKS!


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