THAT Camp Lightning Talk Presenters

Friday 530PM-715PM
Lucy Bruell
JITP (Kimon Keramidas, Ben Miller, Amanda Licastro, et al)
Ben Miller, Amanda Licastro, Jill Belli
Collin Jennings
Jane Carr & Cecily Swanson
Cathy Moran Hajo
Jonathan Reeve
Silvia Stoyanova
Micki McGee
Matt Miller
Susan Naomi Bernstein
Butheina Kazim

Saturday  (9:45-10:00AM)

Robin Camille
Roger Panetta
Cristina Vignone
Dennis Tenen

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My name is Jonathan Cain. I am a Reference and Instruction Librarian, Assistant Professor, and a team leader on scholarly communications. I have an interest in information distribution through government and cultural institutions large and small. Public Health and Government Information are two areas I see them as areas where information accountability, information distribution, and assurance are primary areas of investigation. I enjoy new technology and am always looking to expand upon my skills and abilities.